Kid’s bible that I like.

I was looking through for books and found a kid’s bible.  I am not a kid but I do know some kids who might enjoy it. So went ahead and purchased one. Here is the link to the bible I got . It does not have all that many illustrations in it but I actually find it very helpful as I am still new to the faith my self. The translation seems to be almost if not the same as a bible I got from my grandmother or maybe it was from some one else. I don’t remember how I got it but it is very old (1924) and is the KJV just like this kids bible. I have looked at reviews for it on amazon and some say it might be a bit advanced for kids and that might be true if you do not understand old English. I think it is pretty good any way and old English can be learned although I will admit I am still needing to look up words my self. Any way I think it is a good bible for all ages, if you are new to the faith or not.

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