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I know I have not added to this web site in a long time. I have been thinking lately of starting the site back up in light of my new youtube channel. I think I am going to be starting a new site how ever called and all new content will be on there unless I change my mind and put some thing on here.

Seeking Bible Truth

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners – review

This is a good book that helped me a lot as I went through some of the same things. I was lead to this book after I had gone through my issues for some time. Now I am not all that great at remembering exactly when things start or end. It was how ever good to have found this book after my own issues slowed down, slowed down may not be the correct word but I can not think of a better way of saying that. I had tried to find others that had gone through something like I had with out much luck so was happy when I was lead to this book. This book is available for free at or pdf, or gutenbergyou might be able to get this for other places on the web as it is in the public domain.

Free ebook

Below is what the site says.

Christian persecution around the world is reaching some of the highest levels in recent history. And research indicates it will only continue to increase.

In their new book, The Exodus Mandate, authors Brother Andrew (founder of Open Doors) and Al Janssen explore Moses’ life of radical obedience to God. And how you can live out a life courageously devoted to God.

This is an important read, not only to grow in your own faith, but to have a better understanding of what persecuted Christians face as they seek to overcome the seemingly impossible.

This e-book is valued at $9.99 but is free for you today. And it will work on any e-reader with a Kindle app.

But don’t wait. This FREE e-book will only be available for a limited time. So get yours today!

Here are some helpful testimonial links.

These have helped me and I hope they help you as well. These are audio Testimonials from one of my favorite Churches called Brooklyn tabernacle, They are really in tune with GOD.

Testimony (The Night Rider) | The Brooklyn Tabernacle -By Pastor Bobby Lloyd • 25-Jan-2009

My Story | The Brooklyn Tabernacle – By Mariano Rivera • 29-Jun-2014
Mariano played for the New York Yankees for 19 seasons. Mariano Rivera is regarded as one of the best relievers in baseball history. You will enjoy hearing this powerful testimony of what God does with a yielded life. Eccl 1:16 & Eccl 12:13-14

Samer’s Story | The Brooklyn Tabernacle – By Samer • 10-May-2015
God’s love changes hearts, even in the middle east.

Kid’s bible that I like.

I was looking through for books and found a kid’s bible.  I am not a kid but I do know some kids who might enjoy it. So went ahead and purchased one. Here is the link to the bible I got . It does not have all that many illustrations in it but I actually find it very helpful as I am still new to the faith my self. The translation seems to be almost if not the same as a bible I got from my grandmother or maybe it was from some one else. I don’t remember how I got it but it is very old (1924) and is the KJV just like this kids bible. I have looked at reviews for it on amazon and some say it might be a bit advanced for kids and that might be true if you do not understand old English. I think it is pretty good any way and old English can be learned although I will admit I am still needing to look up words my self. Any way I think it is a good bible for all ages, if you are new to the faith or not.

Why I am making changes in my life.

It all started last year, toward the middle or end of summer so has not even been a full year yet. I was going through a lot of depression and stress. Oh I tried all kind of things to end the stress, but nothing was working. Hmm thinking about it now the stress part did start a year ago but the changing my life for GOD didn’t come until later. Any way things go so bad I about ended my own life. The closest I got was writing a note but I began to think about a few things. First my cousin had some one in his life kill him self and my cousin was pretty upset about it. Not that I blame him and I am glad I saw that and remembered that. What also stopped me is I did consider my self a Christian and I did remember killing your self is a direct ticket to hell and that was not at all what I wanted. So I got on my knees and prayed. Not much happened right away but things did start to change. Things that were causing me stress went away, one by one. Not every thing causing me stress went away, like fear that we are living in the end time do to the horrifying things that are going on all over the world.

I also met some Christians on steam as I was really into playing games to pass the time. One of them that talks about the end times every now and then. Some of the stuff he posts links to on steam scare me a lot so some times I don’t watch all that he posts. Any way another one invited me to a Christian group and that group has been very helpful.  Because of that group I have found errors in my own faith and was born again even though I thought I already was. I am still learning and still changing things in my life. My goal is to do what is right in GOD’s eyes and thank him for answering my prayer. He is a wonderful GOD and I am grateful for every thing that he has done.