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I am a Christian. I have considered my self one for a long time but only recently came to the truth and I want to try and help others find the truth using my blog.

working on a new site

I know I have not added to this web site in a long time. I have been thinking lately of starting the site back up in light of my new youtube channel. I think I am going to be starting a new site how ever called and all new content will be on there […]

Free ebook Below is what the site says. Christian persecution around the world is reaching some of the highest levels in recent history. And research indicates it will only continue to increase. In their new book, The Exodus Mandate, authors Brother Andrew (founder of Open Doors) and Al Janssen explore Moses’ life of radical obedience […]

Here are some helpful testimonial links.

These have helped me and I hope they help you as well. These are audio Testimonials from one of my favorite Churches called Brooklyn tabernacle, They are really in tune with GOD. Testimony (The Night Rider) | The Brooklyn Tabernacle -By Pastor Bobby Lloyd • 25-Jan-2009 My Story | The Brooklyn Tabernacle – By Mariano […]

Kid’s bible that I like.

I was looking through for books and found a kid’s bible.  I am not a kid but I do know some kids who might enjoy it. So went ahead and purchased one. Here is the link to the bible I got . It does not have all that many illustrations in it but I actually […]

Why I am making changes in my life.

It all started last year, toward the middle or end of summer so has not even been a full year yet. I was going through a lot of depression and stress. Oh I tried all kind of things to end the stress, but nothing was working. Hmm thinking about it now the stress part did […]